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Integrated reporting by Losberger De Boer

Losberger De Boer’s published it’s Financial Year in Review showing strong results in 2022 despite the challenging economic and market conditions it faced. This report details the company’s financial performance and key developments over the past year, showing that Losberger De Boer has significantly improved its financial performance.

A good combination with the 2022 CSR report titled ‘Making Progress’ published last month. In this report, the company shows that it is on its way to becoming a more sustainable, and ultimately carbon-neutral, organisation. Very interesting to see Losberger De Boer’s integrated reporting on its key developments, impact on the environment and society, and financial performance over the past year.

It was again a pleasure to work with Onno Koole (Losberger De Boer) and creative agency Alx studio on the development of this Financial YiR report!