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People make the difference

Long-term investment company VADO Beheer, is creating a series of short company videos called ‘Doing business with VADO’. CEOs of a number of VADO’s portfolio companies talk about what they find important for healthy growth of their companies. The drive and pride they express is contagious!

Check out the sixth company video in this series on Contour Advanced Systems, one of VADO’s innovative portfolio companies. Eric Klaassen, CEO of Contour Advanced Systems, enthusiastically talks about his company as a ‘fantastic place, because here we are dealing with people who go for a profession, who go for a passion’.

Fascinating to be able to develop these series with VADO and the companies involved! .

About Contour Advanced Systems
Contour Advanced Systems (CAS) is a system integrator and produces mechatronic modules and systems, such as logistical handling systems for package distribution, special vehicles (mobile laboratories), container systems for mobile data centres and air guidance units for defence.